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Aims of the Club :

The Devonport Lapidary Club is a registered non-profit, volunteer based organisation, comprising people who share a passion for rocks, gemstones & fossils.

Volunteers run educational programmes where participants can learn the unique lapidary skills.  They coordinate public displays and demonstrations, to stimulate interest in this unique craft.  The club acts as a focal point in the local community, bringing individuals and families together, from all walks of life, through a common interest, for minimal expense.

The club offers visitors a mineral working museum which aims to preserve, display and educate the public about these beautiful and wonderful freaks of nature.  Our museum includes gems, minerals and crystals displays, encompassing a small but important part of our natural heritage, fortunately saved from destruction.

Club facilities are available by appointment, to school groups, community groups & individuals in the community.


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Upcoming Events

All enquiries ….

  Email:   devlap@yahoo.com.au

SALLY  0429 700 894


   TONY - 0419 177 591

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Field Trips

For information regarding upcoming

Field Trips for club members,

please email :


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